Class Packages.

Kettlebell Classes.

Three Classes per week: Our Mindful Strength kettlebell classes are designed to follow a ‘small group personal training’ approach. This means that throughout the month we follow a plan to help you achieve your fitness goals, that everyone is individually assessed and the no one is asked to perform exercises outside of their current ability. By signing up for three classes a week you are making a commitment to change.

Two Classes per week: For those whose lives mean that they can’t attend three classes a week, this option allows for you to attend any two classes each week.

Eight Class Pass: This option is for those who need a bit more flexibility in their timetable. Maybe you are a shift worker, or have to balance family commitments, etc. The eight class pass is valid for three months from purchase and allows you to attend any of the classes.

Pay As You Go: By popular demand, we’ve opened up an option for PAYG on our Saturday morning class. This class follows the same format and standards as our weekday classes, but is open to those who can’t attend our weekday evening classes.

All class attendees can request access to our super secret Mindful Strength Facebook group, where we help and encourage you to find a healthy, balanced, lifestyle (and answer any fitness related questions).