“Before I started training with Colin I had issues with instability and lack of strength. Despite good rehab, three operations on the left knee and shoulder had left their mark on the whole body. In order to carry my new dishwasher up the stairs I would have needed 2 Sherpas. 3 month in I am realizing I AM THE SHERPA! And I can do things myself, relying on the newfound structural integrity of my body.”Benjamin S.

[Benjamin is based in Germany and is one of our online clients, with all of our assessments and tuition delivered via skype/digital downloads and documentation.]

“4 months ago I realised that I had let myself go more than ever before in my life. Colin helped me define my goals and find the most effective ways to reach them. If you’re looking for an easy option, he’s not the coach for you but if you’re willing to listen, learn and work he’ll get you where you want to be.”Graeme H

[Picture with Grae after his first Thai Boxing fight where we helped him lose  +10kg whilst increasing his strength and conditioning.]

“Colin, worked out where I was starting from, and put together a training plan to get me to my goal. If I hit a hiccup, he was always ready to adapt the plan, to pick me up and help reach my goal. 
Oh! And my goal, at the age of 60 years old, was to do a strict military press with an 80lb Kettlebell. That’s 5st 9lb, or 36kg, for you youngsters! I owe it to Colin’s program.”Peter Swallow, SFG2

“In preparation for the SFG2 Kettlebell Certification I had asked Colin to help me with the programming. For the certification I had to press 40kgs but at the time I’d never pressed anything heavier than 36kgs. Because we live in different countries everything was done remotely. Colin had given me a test to do to assess my current capabilities and form. I recorded it and sent it on and from that he came back with a program. Like all programs you must stick with them to know if they work or not and with this I got even more than required. I very comfortably pressed the 40kgs and am currently on track to press the 44kgs soon enough. Colin’s program was easy to stick to. Like anything if you’re being specific with one area of training it may take away from others but with the pressing I was still able to maintain my squatting and deadlifting. If you need a program to get stronger in any area then I’d defiantly recommend Colin.” John T. SFG2

I have had regular PT sessions with Colin for the last 3 months, and can honestly say it has changed my life!!! He has very expertly tailored my programme to my individual needs and I feel I have achieved so much in a really short time. Sessions are fun, but a lot of hard work, and I feel much healthier than I did before I started working with him. Even though my focus hasn’t been on weight loss, I’ve already dropped two dress sizes. I would definitely recommend Colin as a personal trainer.” – Seonaid A