About us.

Mindful Strength was founded in 2010 by Colin Stewart and began as a 1-2-1 personal training and fitness class business in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since then the business has expanded to include online personal training, small group training, workshops for fitness practitioners, workshops for fitness professionals, sports specific consultations and public speaking.

Colin relocated to Perth, Scotland, in 2016 and all small group training and 1-2-1 instruction is carried out in and around Perth.

Colin is available to teach various workshops and does so regularly around the UK and europe.

The principles and philosophy of the Mindful Strength approach are listed here. In essence our methodology is based on a holistic and life long approach to health, fitness, physique and performance. The four cannot exist individually of each other, the singular pursuit of one can cause problems with another. Whilst this might be tolerable in the short term, it is not in the long term.

We consider habit building to be the foundation of healthy living and plan out our training plans in three time frames: short, medium and long term.

As you can see the Mindful Strength approach isn’t simply to give you a series of workouts, but rather to assess your whole life as it relates to health & fitness and define your true physical goals. Only then can we create a plan that will get you there!