Mindful Strength Online Program.

“We help people move and perform better.”

Are you experiencing ‘analysis paralysis’, overloaded with all of the information available to you?

Do  you want a trusted, experienced fitness consultant to cut through it all for you?

Someone who understands that better movement leads to better performance?

This program is for:

  • People who have a physical goal in mind, who want to move better, lift more or perform better in their life.
  • People who are willing and ready to change, who are willing to follow the plan and reap the benefits.
  • People who have access to a local, well equipped gym, OR are willing to invest in a ‘home gym’ (minimum requirement being a yoga mat, 2-3 kettlebells and a safe space to use them).

This program is not for:

  • Figure athletes, bodybuilders and people pursuing <10% bodyfat. We don't do this but have friends that do, and we're happy to point you to them.
  • People who are not open to new ideas or pushing their comfort zone.

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