Simply Stronger – Phase 1.

The Simply Stronger online training program was developed having worked with many students and clients, most of who:

  • Had minimal time to workout

  • Needed to get stronger/increase their gas tank

  • Had to balance a tough job/sport with their gym training

  • Wanted the biggest bang for their time and effort

  • Were ‘high mileage’ individuals who live with chronic pain

  • Wanted flexibility in the timing of their workouts

  • Wanted ‘real life’ strength, power, endurance and mobility

For the greatest gains in absolute strength it is well established that movements such as the deadlift, squat and overhead press are the staple exercises of a quality program. But they don’t necessarily provide increases in power and endurance, which is where the high speed ballistic kettlebell lifts come in.

The kettlebell ballistics (the swing, clean, snatch and jerk) allow us to simultaneously develop:

  • Strength
  • Speed
  • Power
  • Endurance

But ONLY if correctly executed and correctly programmed.

In Phase 1 of Simply Stronger we take one of those kettlebell exercises, the swing, and we train it with both two handed and one handed variation.

The swing is the fundamental skill needed before you can even contemplate performing cleans, snatches or jerks. The swing also offers some advantages that the other three ballistics do not:

  • Easiest ballistic to learn
  • Safest ballistic to perform
  • Easiest to perform for high reps
  • Most accessible of the ballistics
  • Most easily progressed (regressed) depending on the weights

Simply put, the swing is the Alpha and Omega of the kettlebell ballistics.

It is also the most physically accessible of the lifts. Many training programs do not assess a students shoulder and thoracic (upper back) mobility/stability on entry.

Performing overhead lifts may be difficult or even contraindicated for many people, due to injury or poor posture brought on by modern living.

The swing, much like the deadlift, helps to improve posture and can therefore be a corrective exercise itself, prior to learning and performing the overhead lifts.

What You Get.

Technique Videos:  You’ll have access to instructional videos of all the exercise techniques in the program.

Coaching Corrections: An exercise is only as good as your ability to perform it. You’ll be able to submit videos of yourself performing each exercise to be reviewed.

Program design: The Simply Stronger Basic and Above & Beyond plans contain enough variation that you could easily get over a year’s worth of productive training out of them!

Support Group: Our Facebook support group is an integral part of the Simply Stronger program. Each Simply Stronger intake group only consists of ten individuals to maximise your coaching time and to provide a small close-knit community of people working through the same process.

What You Do.

Be honest: Honesty is a huge part of the Simply Stronger process. The opening phase of the Simply Stronger program is selecting the Basic Plan or Above & Beyond plan timetable that you WILL be able to adhere to.

Do what you paid me to tell you to do: This plan has worked for hundreds of 1-2-1, online and small group clients. This has included active Police Officers, Fire Fighters, stay at home parents, mothers returning from childbirth and competitive athletes. The program is highly scaleable. Be honest from the start, trust the plan and don’t add or cut things out (unless agreed with your Coach!).

You must keep a record of your work: This is important to monitor your performance. Simply Stronger uses the ‘Ninja Approach’ to accomplishing goals. We don’t smash workouts, rather we consistently work in our 80% effort region and sneak up on them. Your 80% effort will change over time (as you become stronger and more awesome) therefore it’s important to monitor your work!

Common sense: We cannot plan for every eventuality, use your common and talk to your Coach!

What does it look like?

Mobility Warm up:  A five minute follow-along mobility warm up.

Main Workout: A main workout section of no more than 20 minutes. The Above & Beyond Plan does include an extra 10-15 minutes of training for those who wish to go the extra mile.

Flexibility: A minimalist flexibility section lasting 5-10 minutes.

3 to 5 sessions/week: The flexibility to devise your own training timetable depending on your own lifestyle.