Simply Stronger – Testimonials.

“The plan coupled with healthy eating (I do weight watchers flex) and my usual running (which doesn’t normal give me weight loss) I’ve lost 8 pounds and have definitely changed the way my body looks for the better. I also feel like a stronger runner managing more miles before it feeling it!

Thank you”

Carol Robb

“The program is well written and pretty easy to understand . If you are honest with yourself about what is achievable for you, particularly number of sessions wise, you will benefit from the program. The program is massively tailorable, easy to follow and the documentation provided is easy to follow and well laid out.”

Kathryn Machray, Scotland

“I found this a very positive experience.

Results moved from 32Kg test to 40kg test*

VO2max increase from 42-54

press gone from 32kg for 1×3 to 5×3 and CAP 5×5″

Daniel Talbot, SFG1, SFB

*100 swings in 5 minutes

“I don’t have scales in the house but I’m now in a smaller size of trousers. Which is awesome.”


“I’d only swung a kettlebell a couple of times before starting Col’s Simply Stronger program, I’ve followed it through the initial eight weeks and continued on afterwards.

I’m a builder and I’ve noticed a big improvement in my stamina on site (regularly have to move large numbers of 25-30kg bags, which after doing a couple of hundred swings with a 30kg kettlebell for weeks is now a breeze) which is very welcome!

It’s also helped develop a little more explosiveness in my martial arts training, and again, unexpectedly, I’ve actually lost a little fat since I started training. The plan is great, I found the built in progression worked really well even for a beginner with a fairly low starting point like me (started with a 16kg bell) and Col was great in support, offering critiques on videos and answering questions promptly and intelligently.

I completely trust him as a coach and would recommend both him and Simply Stronger without any hesitation.”

Chris Hawker, England

“As I’m sure you are aware the results for me speak volumes, but just in case you forgot!

The Swing

Week 1 – 36kg swings 5 mins test was 105,

Week 7 – 48kg swings 5 min test 110.

The Press

Week 1 – 24kg single arm press 5/5,

Week 7 – 32kg single are press 5/5.

The Pull up

Week 1 – 13 Strict pull ups,

Week 7 – 17 struck pull ups.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and have taken a lot from it, not only the strength but also the simplicity. The first emails sent for phase 1 are perfect and easy to follow with a great flowing layout.”

Michael Duncan, SFG1, County Antrim