Online Training.

  • Move with precision and grace

  • Build speed, strength and stamina

  • Conquer physical goals

  • Be Confident in all Environments

Online training is a something we offer to those aiming to achieve a specific physical goal: be it a sub 50 min 10K; to pick up and play with their grandchildren; a two and a half times bodyweight deadlift; complete an Obstacle Course Race, or, return to fitness after birth.

The number of online clients is limited each block to guarantee to a personalised service, including:

  • An online assessment, goal setting and lifestyle assessment via skype call
  • A personalised program designed for your specific goal
  • Weekly accountability
  • Access to a technique video library

All our programs are written by someone who not only has over a decade in the fitness industry helping clients achieve their goals, but who also teaches other trainers how to do the same for theirs!

What I Do.

Gap Analysis: I figure out where you are, where you want to be and how to get you there.

Movement assessment: This allows us to avoid movements/exercises which may cause you pain/distress and identifies movements which can be improved to improve your performance.

Program design: I don’t just toss you the latest ‘chest and guns’ or ‘abs and butt’ program from this months fitness magazines. The program will be designed for you and your goals, usings tools/exercises which you enjoy and more importantly have available. But I may ask you to try something totally new!

Check in: I will be available for you to ask questions to (via email) all through your program, but your checks will be determined by the package you sign up to. These may include weekly skype/telephone calls and emails.

What You Do.

Be honest: If you didn’t follow the plan as written you need to tell me, if you went off diet you need to tell me, if it hurts you need stop and to tell me.  There is no negativity here or judgement here!

Do what you paid me to tell you to do: Don’t add extra work, don’t cut things out.

You must keep a record of your work: I need to know what you are doing.

Common sense: I cannot create a rule for every potential occurrence, use common sense and always have safety as your number one priority.