Simply Stronger – Online Program.

The Simply Stronger online training programs were developed having worked with many students and clients, most of who:

  • Had minimal time to workout

  • Needed to get stronger/increase their gas tank

  • Had to balance a tough job/sport with their gym training

  • Wanted the biggest bang for their time and effort

  • Were ‘high mileage’ individuals who live with chronic pain

  • Wanted flexibility in the timing of their workouts

  • Wanted ‘real life’ strength, power, endurance and mobility

In Phase 1 of Simply Stronger we take the kettlebell swing (plus two other exercises), and we train it with both two handed and one handed variations.

The swing is the fundamental skill needed before you can even contemplate performing cleans, snatches or jerks. The swing also offers some advantages that the other three ballistics do not:

  • Easiest ballistic to learn
  • Safest ballistic to perform
  • Easiest to perform for high reps
  • Most accessible of the ballistics
  • Most easily progressed (regressed) depending on the weights

Simply put, the swing is the Alpha and Omega of the kettlebell ballistics.

It is also the most physically accessible of the lifts. Many training programs do not assess a students shoulder and thoracic (upper back) mobility/stability on entry.

Performing overhead lifts may be difficult or even contraindicated for many people, due to injury or poor posture brought on by modern living.

The swing, much like the deadlift, helps to improve posture and can therefore be a corrective exercise itself, prior to learning and performing the overhead lifts.

In Phase 2 of Simply Stronger we build on what we developed in Phase 1 by introducing three new exercises to your training regime, alongside a special method of training the kettlebell swing.  These four exercises will help you to increase lean muscle mass, lose fat and create a functionally fantastic body which performs under pressure.

Kettlebell swing breathing sets to enhance conditioning and cardiovascular fitness.

Kettlebell squats to build powerful legs and burn excess fat.

Loaded carries to improve work capacity, build lean muscle and improve posture.

Crawling variations… if you aren’t crawling yet this will do it all for you. Build muscle, burn fat, increase coordination and functionality, all that’s needed is correct programming and execution!

Optional extras. No two people are the same and Simply Stronger recognises that. Choose one more exercise from our Simply Stronger Side Menu to further personalise your program!

It isn’t necessary to have undertaken Phase 1 to enroll for Phase 2!

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