Inefficient Exercise – One of the two keys to fat loss

In a previous blog I stated that their were basically two keys to body composition change (aka ‘fat loss’). Those two keys being ‘caloric restriction’ and ‘inefficient exercise’. I can’t take credit for these terms as I stole them from Master Coach Dan John (all hail Dan John! Hail!) And that said, I doubt that Dan invented these either.

So the question arose on the Book of Faces:

“What do you mean by inefficient exercise?”

And my reply:

Tends to be things with repeatable high peak power output or large workloads. Peak power examples are Hardstyle kettlebell swings (ridiculously inefficient), slam balls, well performed burpees, etc. High work load has to be balanced against fatigue/safety so you’re talking about the loaded carry family, which includes pushing/pulling sleds/cars, etc.

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Building things that last

Lots of interesting stuff going on for me right now, one of which was the return to regular training of two ladies who had trained with me for one and three years. Both had had ‘real world stuff’ happen that meant that the had to stop training with me, but now after a break of six months and one year respectively, they were able to return to training.

We shall call them Taylor Swift and Dr Who respectively (you know who you are!). Taylor Swift had trained with me for just under a year and then broke her ankle, Dr Who had trained for about three years and had to take a year off (life, children, house move).

At this point let’s take a diversion. I was recently in Italy for the Plan Strong seminar with Pavel Tsatsouline and Fabio Zonin. Whilst I was in Italy for 4 days, I only managed two hours of site seeing whilst killing time for my flight home. It was then that I realised that ‘back in Roman days’ they built stuff to last.


Sight seeing in Verona

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