The humble goblet squat

One of my female students who I see twice a month was training in a chain gym. It’s common for me to only see my clients twice a month, but I harass them a couple of times a week via email about training/dietary compliance. You see, I’m all about ‘teaching students’ rather than ‘working out clients’. My aim, is to get to the point where my students only really need me for training programmes, technique tweaks and accountability calls. One of the biggest scams in the Personal Training industry is that you actually need a Personal Trainer.

But I digress. This female, let’s call her Strong Girl, was doing goblet squats with a kettlebell as a part of her warm up. A member of staff tried to correct her and so began a debate about what the goblet squat actually is and what it does.

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Fitness is fitness, right?

One of the most important abilities of a coach who is training a student over the long term is the ability to sit and listen. Using the occasionally prod to get the students to keep talking, it’s amazing how many of their problems they already have the answer to inside themselves. The process of vocalising (or even writing things down) seems to help ‘congnitise’ an issue (I know that’s not a word, but it fits).

Discussing the transferability of aspects of fitness between different sports one client recently stated:

“But fitness, is fitness. Isn’t it?”

That statement pretty much summed up that they already knew the answer. Which is ‘yes and no’.

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