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Pull ups and the Zombie Apocalypse

You see these lists all over the internet every day: “10 skills you need for a happier life!” “21 skills every man should have!” “101 skills you need to survive the Zombie Apocalypse!” Who says I need a happier life!?! And what’s with the casual sexism? I’m  happy in my life because my four year old […]

Choosing your first Kettlebell Part 2 – Weight

In Part 1 of choosing your first kettlebell we talked about why you would want one in the first place. We touched on the idea that there are three categories of using a kettlebell: Strength and Power development Cardiovascular Endurance Mobility Training Also on top of this versatility of use the kettlebell is also one […]

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Willpower is weak

Willpower is weak, few successful people rely on willpower in the long term for success. Sure willpower is like a muscle, we always get that analogy. So let’s take that analogy to its logical conclusion. To get stronger or more powerful we need to work the muscle, we need to work it hard enough to […]

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What makes a Mindful Kettlebell class different?

What makes a Mindful Strength Kettlebell class different from 99% of other fitness classes? Most fitness classes are oxymoronic (read more here), they don’t really help you move towards your goal. The clear truth of the matter is that once you can move well, pain-free and with a degree of strength you are a lot […]