StrongFirst Lifters Instructor Certification – Lillieshall Dec 2015

I’m fortunate. Somehow I’ve managed to become a member of a community that strives for excellence. A group that realise that being ‘strong’ and being ‘smart’ are not two diametrically opposed concepts. Case in point I recently attended my second StrongFirst Lifters (SFL) certification.

SFL '15 Group

The SFL is the brain child of Pavel Tsatsouline and Dr Michael Hartle. Pavel, the Evil Russian, is of course the man who is credited as bringing the kettlebell into the mainstream of Western fitness culture. Though people who have read Pavel’s work over the last 15 or more years will realise that he is more than just ‘kettlebell guy’. His first published works being books on stretching/movement and using barbells to become hideously strong.

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