Off to meet the Wizard…


The organisations that govern the professions of Medicine, Engineering, Teaching, Accountancy, etc, require that to call yourself things like Doctor, Chartered Engineer/Accountant, Teacher, etc, that you complete a certain amount of Continuing Professional Education (CPD) every two years.

The fitness industry is lacking in that regard. A lot of trainers get a qualification and never do any further education than wikipedia college or youtube university.

Not so this Coach. Next week I’m off to meet the Wizard/s. I’m privileged enough to be attending the StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor Certification. Some of you may be thinking: “But Colin, ain’t you a level 2?”

Yes, but there are a few things to consider here.

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Training is only 10% – Part Deux

In the first part I laid out that if training is only 10% of achieving your physical goals, then the remainder is made up from:

Sleep – Training equals trauma, sleep is when you repair. Poor sleep means little improvement.

Nutrition – If you ain’t got the bricks and mortar, you ain’t building the body you want to live in.

Stress free lifestyle – Stress induces hormones which work against looking like a movie star, fact

The first part detailed how focusing on specific strength goals, along with a nutritional plan, are necessary to more easily accomplish any body composition (aka ‘fat loss’) goal. This article is going to focus more on that last part.


Stress free lifestyle

Nobody leads a stress free lifestyle. In fact I think if we did then we’d all become too slovenly to actually do anything. We need moderate amounts of stress to make us more productive and to do things. Who would do their tax return if there wasn’t an April deadline (and a fine)?

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