I hate functional training

You heard me, I hate the current trend of what is being espoused as ‘functional training’.  The idea that ‘this or that’ is ‘functional’…Functional for what?

squat on a swiss

To understand the idea of what functional training is, we need to answer that question. What are we training for, what is the desired result? What is functional for a marathon runner may not be functional for a strongman competitor. So this becomes goal dependent.

The basis of what is deemed functional training can be broken into a series of simple movement patterns: Read more

Why kettlebell training doesn’t work

Sharon and Nikki were having their weekly catch up late in the morning one autumn day. They lived in the suburbs and frequented an authentic privately owned coffee shop. Their children had both recently left the city for University and they had long since left full-time work behind and sought other avenues and adventures.


I wish I had your genetics, I don’t understand how you can stay in such good shape and still eat like that”, this was Sharon; she stared longingly at Nikki’s chocolate fudge cake… with cream.

Well, it’s not as if I over indulge”, said Nikki, noting that Sharon was now on her second piece of granola slice. “I only really indulge like this when we meet up, and maybe two glasses of wine at the weekend. But, I’m fairly active in the garden.”

Did you say you were going to a kettlebell class twice a week? I’ve been going to one for about 10 months now.” Read more


Misinformation Station #1: Kettlebell Side Bends

[Note: Misinformation Station is a series of articles aimed at providing information to the general gym goer. It’s based on mistakes I see in the gym everyday.]

Every day thousands of people discover through some means or other the ‘new fad’ that is the kettlebell. Using the kettlebell is going to make them stronger, leaner, faster, more powerful and generally look awesome.

You may discover kettlebells through the hundreds of fat camp shows on TV, the pictures of fitness models using them (poorly) in a fitness magazine, or it may be a friend of yours has discovered a hardstyle or GS kettlebell class in their neighbourhood.


Please ignore the pink 'bells in the corner...

Please ignore the pink ‘bells in the corner…

You want the benefits of this awesome training and so you sign up for the gym (handing over your hard earned cash). You receive an induction into the safe use of two-dimensional gym machines, and all the time that the gym staff are talking you are nodding but have one eye on the kettlebells in the corner of the ‘functional area’ of the gym. Read more

Questions from the week gone by

I’ve been a bit remiss with my blog writing recently. So, I decided this morning to blast out a short piece detailing some common questions I’ve had in the last week.

So let’s get started…

Why are you doing ‘extra cardio’?

Here’s the long answer: Now, people pay me good money to help them identify their goals, assess their current status and build a road that gets them from A to B. Building a training plan is like cooking a good meal that has a starter/appetiser, a main course, a dessert (because contrary to popular belief we are allowed the occasional dessert!) and perhaps coffee to finish.


Each course of a meal has a specific function and can be likened to a workout: Read more


Purposeful Movement

You sit in a chair all day. You sit in traffic for 45 minutes on the way home. You sit on the couch eating a ‘quick meal’. Then you drive to the gym (parking as close to it as you can). You lean over a cross trainer whilst reading a magazine. Then you sit on some weight machines and then you drive home.

And you wonder why you still don’t look like the guy/gal in the magazine.

No lighting, dehydration or photoshop was used in the making of this photo... seriously...

No lighting, dehydration or photoshop was used in the making of this photo… seriously…

Let’s leave aside the photoshopping, the make up, lighting and the fact that that guy/gal has does modelling for a living and had to prepare themselves for 2 weeks before they did that shoot (including dehydrating themselves).

The reason is you’re aimless. Read more


Have you earned it?

“I want to lose weight. I heard that HIIT training and kettlebells are the best for cardio… and that you only have to do four minutes of work a week to lose fat…..”

As a Personal Trainer this can often be the opening sentence when conducting an initial goal setting session with a new client. And to be honest, all of the above is kinda true…. ish.

Most clients approach a PT with a worthy goal of losing weight or gettin’ ripped! Leaving aside the mechanics of ditching bodyfat and increasing lean muscle mass, I want to have a look at whether you’ve earned the right to lose fat or ‘get muscly’.

Whilst tools like kettlebells, clubbells and barbells are fantastic tools to use, are you ready for them?

Dream House

Let’s imagine that you want to build your dream home. Read more